Cabela's Open in Hazelwood MO

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  1. MississippiJugHead

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    The Cabela's store located at the St Louis Mills in Hazelwood opened yesterday. The official "grand opening celebration" begins April 27. I thought I would check it out this afternoon but obviously I was not the only one with that idea. The parking lot looked like it was christmas shopping, opening day at the ballpark, and free beer day at Hooters all going on at the same time. Since it was raining and a mile walk didn't seem all that appealing I decided to wait until things slow down before I visit the store. I ended up at Sam's Club, home of the gallon jugs of pickles, etc. If any Brothers or Sisters braved the crowds and actually made it into the Cabela's store please post your thoughts. By the way...anyone want a pickle?
  2. jolle

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    O'Fallon, MO
    I went on Wednesday by special invite for Club members. Very impressive in the visual arena. Blows local BP away by far, and I was more impressed with the mount quality and setups than any BP I've been too. Wasn't as big as the KC Cabelas, but no complaints. Selection of stuff is good, setup is good, and its on my way home from work everyday . . . :big_smile: :big_smile:

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    I was the 9th one through the door Friday morning. I spent just under $500. Of course, most of that went on a new fly rod and reel. Now, when I get the boat anchored out and when the cat rods get baited up, I'll have something to do while waiting for the cats to bite. I'm going to take apart a sabiki rig and use one as a fly to catch bait.
    Actually, I had a fun time. I brought my list of about 30 items and found all but 3 in the store. The first guy in the store had been there around 6 hours waiting in 40 degree weather. How silly can you get! Why, I got in 9th and only had to wait in line about 3 hours.
    Starbucks came around and gave out free coffee and snacks. That sounded nice, but then we all had to cross our legs while waiting and when the doors opened, the restroom got packed real quick.
    I'm serious about the 4 hours and believe it or not, I never made it through the hunting, camping, or clothing sections.
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    well I went there there today (saturday) and when I walked in the door I was blown away. I couldnt believe the height of the ceiling alone.and the sheer size of it was crazy since Iv only been to the bass pro shop in st charles.about 2 minutes after I walked in I walked in someone asked me if I was finding everything ok and I told him "I just walked in here and am just trying to soak everything up at the moment" lol the fish tank was just totally awsome and there was a nice sized blue in there.


    they did not have the big river type rod assortment like bass pro has. I also could not find the hooks I was looking for. and it was very crowded and very WARM in there. now realize I only spent about an hour in there,and only about 20 mins in the fishing section. so I didnt really have time to look around because there were so many people you kinda had to keep a line moving in the isles lol.

    it looks like a grand store and cant wait to get back to get more familiar with it so I know where to look for things. it took about 3-4 one hour trips to bass pro to get familiar with it.

    all in all great store IMO!!
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    Troy, Missouri
    I was impressed with how well it was set up and it definitely had a much better selection than bp. Parking was lousy but hey, a little cardio work out won’t hurt. Look’n forward to their sale dates. Overall thru my perspective, Cabelas has it over bp.
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    I went there last Wednesday night. It is pretty nice. As far as parking there's a mall entrance so you don't have to parking and go in the front door. Just walk throught the mall and go in the back.