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Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by kscathunter, Feb 11, 2006.

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    I was recently complaining on another thread about the cabelas in my area not having the best selection in heaver tackle:stiff rods, heavy line, big hooks. being close to the 'mighty mo' and all youd think they would have this stuff. Today I was looking at my brother-n-laws catalog and seen a few new things. One of theise was the whupping stick salt. All I can say is they better be stiffer than the others for ~$60. There rated heaver for the most part but that aint saying mutch to me considering I couldnt tell a difference in the stiffness of the 8'&9' reg ws and the 8'er is rated 20# heaver. BUT ANYWAY the reason I started this thread was to find out about the tiger rods. I seen on their websight they had the u s tiger lite rods as a new item and Im pretty shure these arent the rods you guys speek so highly of. I think it was just u s tiger rod correct?
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    After visiting Basspro in Springfield a couple of times, I quit complaining about Cabelas selection of catfishing gear. They had a few reels, and no rods that I would consider appropriate for bigger catfish. (I know they have it in their catalog, but I didn't find it in their store)

    Regarding the Tiger rods, the Lite models are new for this year, so most folks are talking about the "regular" version. I like the 7" Medium or Medium Heavy, BWC2202 and BWC2201 are the model numbers. The local Cabelas usually has the Medium, and not the MH. But the last time I was there, a couple of weeks ago, they didn't have either in stock. They are pretty good about ordering things in - saves shipping costs, or you can order from Catfish Connection. I've had great experience with Catfish Connection.