Cabela's King Kat

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by 2580Red, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. 2580Red

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    What is your experiences with the King Kat combo's from Calela's with the 6500 reel. The price is 89.00. Is this a good deal or is another rod better or a better deal?
  2. H2O Mellon

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    I have 4 King Kat Pro's & had 1 Reg King Kat. I like the King Kat Pros Much Better.

  3. kansascatman

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    I also use these rods and love them.
  4. nhra22

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    Penn 9,209,309 - Workhorse reels - simple rugged design. Good overall performance.

    GTI series - same performance as above but cast farther,smoother.

    If you are thinking about using a Calcutta, don't. Go with a Penn International 955/965/975ld. I have all three. I also have a Calcutta 700. When taken apart, it becomes clearly obvious that the Penn is the stronger reel. My 955 is about the same size as an Ambassadeur 5500. I would put it up against a Penn 209 anyday... yes.. a 209.. in terms of strength,drag. I live on the texas coast. Just this year, fishing maybe 1000 yards off of the Galveston beach, I landed a 91lb blacktip shark with my 975ld spooled with 50lb PP. Fight only lasted maybe 20-25 minutes, using a plain-jane 6"6mh Ugly Stick. Before the shark, I had caught 5 bullreds in the 20-40lb range with ease. They are the best baitcasters I have EVER used, and I have used them all at one point or another.. They are pricey.. sometimes you can get them cheap on Ebay.. but with reels, you really do get what you pay for... I tried the Shakespeare Tidewaters.. LOL... the reel started messing up after #1 28lb stingray, then was pretty much gone after the second stingray - 41lbs... They are cheap plastic garbage. CHEAP. Stay away. They look really cheap when taken apart too. I also like the CHEAP plastic spools. Nice! If on a budget, go with Okuma. I have caught MANY bullreds 20-40lbs with a Okuma Classic Pro.Have a bait clicker. Holds like 250 yards of 30lb mono. You can find them online for $30-$40... the best budget reel I know of.. damn good build quality.. I have an Okuma Convector also.. really nice reel.. I prefer it 3-1 over my old school 209's,309's. You can get them for less than $60. And another important thing... READ THIS... If you are going to purchase a reel, go to BOATERSWORLD. They are in Texas I know.. don't know what other states they are in... but anyway..for $10-$20 they will sell you a warranty for your reel. I purchased two year warranties. the papers clearly state that if the reel breaks, due to a defect, or through ACCIDENTAL ABUSE, such as you dropping it, or if the reel suffers from corrosion/effects of saltwater, IT WILL BE REPLACED, OR YOU WILL BE CREDITED THE PURCHASE PRICE OF THAT REEL TOWARDS A NEW REEL. Basically, if the reel starts messing up at all, you can take it back. You can abuse them and take them back. You can throw them from a moving car, and take them back. You can use them and wear them out totally and never clean them, and when they are not up to your specs anymore, you can get new ones. Not that I am saying any of you should do things like this, of course. I am just trying to express how great this is. I don't know of ANY other places that give warranties like this on FISHING REELS of all things..... total coverage.. it's a great thing.. that's why I bought all Internationals/Shimanos from Boaters World... I used to shy away from the nice equipment because I didn't want to ruin expensive reels while wade fishing the surf.. now there is no reason to fear... I can surf wade with a new Shimano Calais, and when it gets worn out, I get a new one... Anway, I though this info would prove most useful to you guys that are hard on your tackle..