Cabelas DM-30a

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by Neal F., Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Neal F.

    Neal F. New Member

    Gwd SC
    Just bought 2 depthmaster II reels w/ linecounter and was wondering if anybody has used them before
  2. Snagged2

    Snagged2 New Member

    Verde Valley AZ
    Hi Neal, I have a DM20 Gold w/ linecounter, and used to have a DM45 w/ linecounter,, I was favorably impressed with these reels. They worked very well for me in my Flathead hunting safaris!!. I'd never used linecounters before, and they're not, probably, really necessary, but, I enjoyed and used the data they gave me,, kind of gave me a reality check on the casting distances I was getting!! Depth, etc.The reels themselves seem to be solidly built, and quite capable for the type of fishing I do.. Never any problems..
    And,,, WELCOME to the BOC !!:wink:

  3. wpg_catfisher

    wpg_catfisher New Member

    they are quite solid reels i used one for 10ish trips last year for big channel cats and it was great. i just upgraded to a 500 tekota so mines forsale for 60$ its in mint shape and comes spooled with 280yards of 50lb power pro