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    i am a member of the c.c.c. i fish with jugs rr an bank fish there are laws for all thes ways of fishing an lots of littering laws all fishermen should try to help the public out by actions any way we can thats why i belong to c.c.c. an the brotherhood of catfishermen its for all kinds of fishermen so im inviting any fisherman to the ccc meeting tonight at 7.00 pm at gander mtn we are not just a tourament club as outhers have insinuated an whould greatly appreciate any input we can get thank you. the roundhill
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    "...we are not just a tourament club..."

    Actually, truth be known, and the members know this, the Carolinas Catfish Club IS NOT a tournament club. We are truly unique in that most fishing clubs are centered around tournament fishing. The CCC is centered around catfish angler education and resource protection, and the three fall tournaments we do are for fun.

    If it were up to me we would drop the tournaments all together, but many members enjoy fishing them.

    As is the case with Roundhill, we have many members that jug fish. We have trophy fishermen that jug fish. We have members with state record fish that jug fish. So, it should be clear, the CCC membership is not opposed to jug fishing.

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    thanks for clarifing that pres. I'm coming around slowly