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    About a year ago, I started seeing ads for this line of clothing, Buzz Off, that made some pretty extravagent claims, backed by some reputable endorsers. S'posed to repel ticks, skeeters, etc.

    The stuff is impregnated with a synthesized permetherin (sp?) that is good for 25 wash cycles.

    Sooo, I ordered some stuff that uses the same ingredient that you can treat your own clothes with...I think the military uses this, or a variant thereof.

    It worked pretty well. I'm in the woods a lot (what am I saying? I live in the woods!:smile2: ), and I didn't get a single tick while wearing the treated clothing. Mosquitoes weren't a problem either, although things were so dry, we didn't have too many skeeters.

    I recommend this stuff.

    Oh, you can buy it in a spray can @ WallyWorld, too. Good for boot tops.:smile2: