Buying my 2nd baitcaster reel, for general fishing?

Discussion in 'ALL OTHER FISH' started by Kyle Hawkins, May 25, 2009.

  1. Kyle Hawkins

    Kyle Hawkins New Member

    Well i have a Penn 309m that i use for my heavy catfishing setup. and now i am in the market for buying a new baitcaster that i can use for bass and many different types of fishing.

    i was wondering how well round baitcasters cast? I am thinking about putting a 5600 Abu BXC on an ugly stick.

    And if the BXC dosent cast well with lighter things then will a regular low profile work? I think that this will eventually get used for everything, walleye, sawgeye, small/large mouth.

    So to sum it all up my 2 options i have narrowed it down to are...
    1.ABU BXC on an ugly stick
    2. A Bass Pro Tourney Special reel on a Bass Pro Tourney Special rod.

    I like both of them, but how well will a BXC cast a very lightweight jig?
    Should i just go on with the low Profile BPS Combo, it has all good reviews.

    SGTREDNECK New Member

    this is a great place to find out what you are looking for. I would give you info but i havent personally used either of the set ups. The BOC is here to help ya tho.

  3. catfishcatcher

    catfishcatcher New Member

    If you want to cat light lures i would go with a spinning set up. A round baitcaster will cast just fine but the abu you are talking about I would stay away from. I have casted a few of them and seen them in action and I dont like anything about them. I think they are cheaply made and not built to last. Abu's are good reels but not that one. Dont get me wrong its ok but I would invest in a better one. Take a look at the c3 or c4 abu's. If you decide to go with a traditional baitcaster then take a look at the shamino citica. Hope I spelled that right. The citica is smooth and you can make long cast. I had one when I bass fished and could throw 1/8 oz lures with it but I have used the baitcasters since I was a kid. The citica doesnt have the traditional windange dial on the side of the reel like most of them do. You can take out some of the brakes to cast even longer once you are good with it. The reel will run around $100.00. As far as a rod I have always been a fan of the berkley rods and some of the lightning rods. They are not high priced and can haul in a big fish if you need to. Hope this helps.
  4. thecatman

    thecatman Well-Known Member

    Graham, Texas,
    if ya can afford it get a shimano citica best reel i have ever owned can handle the big cats but can also toss small lures for crappie