Buying a used boat and motor in winter?

Discussion in 'Boating Stories' started by primitive, Jan 10, 2010.

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    I know this is a bad time of year to buy a used boat and motor but there are a couple units out there by people who are forced to sell and seem to be priced right. My biggest concern is the motors ( 25 - 40 hp range ) Much better to be able to launch and try them out but no way now. Couple of those are just what I've been looking for. I am no mechanic and don't have money to rebuild a motor if I get ruped. ??
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    Yes it is pretty hard to test a boat or outboard right now. The best you could do lacking water to put the boat on to run it. Is put some rabbit ears & attach a garden hose to it & run it that way.

    But this will only tell you so much. It wont reveal a bad coil or high speed jet issue in the carb, EFI or DFI . For this lacking any diagnostic equipment you really need to run the boat & put a load on the motor.

    In your situation you are really stuck with running the motor on a hose. A compression check could still be done & is a very important check.
    I wouldnt shy away from to many deals on outboards if the compression checks out & every thing else seems to be in order.

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    Will the seller allow you to take it to a Boat Mechanic to have it checked out? If he will, the mechanic might see some things that might be overlooked and it could give you greater leverage on price negotiations. Good luck.... Everyone should have at least one
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    A good mechanic may have a test tank that will allow them to run a check on the motor while its under a 'load'. This may be your next best step if you cant run it on the water. Anytime you buy something used its a gamble. Definatley have a mechanic, or someone who knows that they are doing run the basic checks for you, spark, compression, etc...Atleast if you have all the basics covered, you will be headed in the right direction for you to make a educated decision.