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Buying a nice catfish reel O.o

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Hey im looking for a nice catfish reel preferably a penn 309M or somthing like it, post if you want to sell, ill spend around 100 Thanks!
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i just picked up a okuma avenger abs 65 rated for 25lb momo so i set up with 30lb power pro and it has a 22lb max drag. open face bait runner no birds nests like with bait casters .i payed 70 @ the bait shop for it wal mart has em you can order offline for 44 ish they have a bigger one a okuma avenger abs 95 that is even bigger and hold 30lb or 35 lb mono for 50-60 bucks ordered threw wal-m***. i also seen a abu garcia big game rocket bait cater there too for 80 bucks reel only. if you have not used a bait runner be for then you don't now what your missing . i always smile when my baitrunners start singing . so if you buy 50-80 buck reel + catfish or stripper class 8-10 foot ugly stick with some 30-50 lb mono. you should be ready to handle most cats depending on the size of the cats in your state, gl my friend .
all the guys are on the ball and now i am considering a bait caster :( i hate the birdsnest tho and if you have to CUToff 50 yards of that braided line well it just aint good ********* splash goes the reel...... try to remember when ya tie that uni 2 uni knot to add a couple of extra wraps with all braided line uni's they slip.............BAD and should you ever have a biggin on there and get to down to your backins or and braided uni will it hold ??? whats a few extra wraps hurt any way lol just and idea from salt water fishin forced me to learn.. for a work horse that is a fair price on the ming's ... . also if your flingin some heavy lead and need a cheap / dependable rod ..........ugly stick tiger class 7-8 foot perhaps 50-70 bucks or even a ugly stick big game salt water series ...... i say this because your gonna be using braided line and these rods have stainless solid eyes and tips so no problem of the braid sawing threw your eye tip the plastic junk inserts or cerramic crap that will break after a good case of trunk rash LOL stainless eyes i do bend but with a lil set of needle nose you can re shape no promlem . gl man and ty guys
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1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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