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    Im looking to buy a fish finder for my pontoon boat. Ive been looking around and I cant make my mind up on what to buy. Id like to stay less then $400. I live in WV and will be fishing the Kanawha and Ohio rivers only. I want water temp. for sure. I was going to get one with a grey display until I saw the colored display models and I like them but they cost more. What about the GPS. Would I need a GPS or not. Any information on fish finders would be good.
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    First the good news: I don't know of anybody that makes a bad fish finder. Now the bad news: I don't know of anyone that makes a bad fish finder. The first thing you need to do is figure out what you want it to do for you. Then you need to decide what it must do for you. This will help you narrow down the choices. For instance, you don't need a unit that will read 600' deep, so don't pay for the high power version. I use mine mostly to find depth changes and schools of bait, I find that the grey screen works fine for that, even in the daytime. If I wanted to pick out individual fish on bottom, I would buy a color unit. The difference between Eagle and Lowrance units is in the software. The Lowrance units give you more control over the information. You can get more data out, but you have to practice and fiddle on the water. The Eagle units are more idiot proof, plug them in and go. They make it harder to fine tune things, making it harder to screw up. GPS is great. However the maps that come with the units aren't worth much. The better ones can be upgraded, usually for about 100$. Another option is to get a discontinued hand held unit off Ebay. The screen will be smaller and the mapping options fewer. but it will let you mark a spot on the river and return to it later. I had a Lowrance X-96, worked great. I just put a Humminbird 535 on my boat, but I haven't used it yet.