Buy a hat and help the gulf fishery

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    Zebco has joined with the Fish America foundation to help restore the fisheries damaged by hurricane Katrina.This is a project that is needed as badly as helping the people displaced in the stricken areas.They plan to restore the estuaries and the barrier dunes destroyed by the storm.The fishing industry really needs help to get back on their feet,and this project will help both the local fishermen and the area residents from more devistation.You can help by purchasing a ballcap donated by Zebco for $20.00 and feel that you have also helped restore fish habitat in the devistated areas of the coastline.
    Chances are that many of us will never fish there but we just ca'nt stand idle while we lose our wetlands for the future recreation of our generations to come.It is a small thing to do but with every small donation we will be part of a much bigger project.If you are interested about learning more about this I suggest you go to FishAmericaFoundation and read about the Gulf restoration project.I happened on this place and it struck me that I could at least do my small part to fight back on the havoc caused by mother nature.
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    Thanks Bill this is a great way to help our fishing buddies in the gulf.

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    Thanks for the info Bill. Will do my part to help.