Butterfly Shad Rig for Catfish

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    One of the most abundant and effective bait for catfish is shad. However keeping shad alive is quite a task. Frozen cut shad is hard to keep on the hook. This method is effective for both catfish and stripers. The idea is to have the shad resemble a wounded shad (shad tend to curl up when injured) and also provide blood and oil scent, which is the catfishes main way of finding food.
    1.Filet one side of the shad, but leave the filet attached near the head.

    2. Insert the point of your hook (0/6 or larger is recomended).

    3. Worm the hook through the side of the shad letting the point come out by the tail.

    This works with fresh as well as frozen shad!
    You are good to go. Rigged this way your shad will stay on the hook and the cats seem to inhale it and run. When I get a bite, I get a fish!
    One last thing. Change your bait every 15 minutes or so.