Busted...at Santee Cooper Lake

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    Well a normally good trip at Santee was not to be had this year. The trip started out ok very little traffic all the way down to Columbia to meet up with my buddy. Hooked up his boat and left the house. Got to Santee and found a bubble on the trailer tire that was about half as big as the tire, so we dropped the boat and went and repaired the tire. Gor back loaded the boat and took off. Got to the first hole, and bam 1st rod yanked out of rod holder and into the water. ok, no problem 9 more rods then CRACK my Tiger rod cracked in 2. 2 rods down and still no fish. fished about another hour there and decided to move on the way to another hole hit three stumps and the motor started skipping. Decided to go back to the marina and check out the motor before we ventured to far out. To shorten the story we found a small hole in one of the pontoons and nothing wrong with the motor. So back to Columbia, tig welded the hole, pressure tested and all was good. Instead of going back to santee we hit Murray and caught a couple of small cats, 1 channel 8 pounds and 1 flathead 12 pounds. Caught a 12 pound striper and yep, he broke one of my Big Game rods. So if you were keeping track thats 3 rods, 1 hole and oh yeah I almost forgot.... While we were fishing at Santee I got hosed someone decided they needed my gas more than I did so 3/4 tank turned into about an 1/8 tank. Other than that we had a ball and are planning to go agian later in the year. See you on the water and be safe.
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    :tounge_out: Oh man! Hope you catch a break soon! sounds like you could use it! lol

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    Sounds like someone decided it was your day to be the bug and not the windshield.
    Hopefully thing can only get better...W
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    I think with my luck, if you and I fished together the sky would fall. :lol:
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    Where did you stay, and where were you when the gas was taken? :smile2:
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    Normally I like to say a day fishing is better than a day at work. However, reading what happened to you, I not sure that is always the case.
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    Brother?? Dang your luck run about like mine. Never enough to kill ya just wound ya for a while. Better luck next trip.
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    It can only get better!!!!!

    mike b
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    Sounds to me like you should take it out on the cats next trip. Rip the lips off `em. Better days ahead, I hope.
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    Hope you have better luck later on . But thanks for the story i have a friend that brings me luck like that.
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    Benji your first trip out was a Whopper. If it could happen I think it did. You need to start buying your rods in six packs. Cheeper that way.I"ll just wish you some good luck on your next trip and hope you get to spend the full day just fishing.:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    We had a room at Mansion Park Motor Lodge but never even got to use the room. The gas was taken at Jack's Creek Marina and might have been avoided if I could have parked anywhere near the ramp are the building. It was so busy there with boaters and none boaters that I ended up pulling the trailer and boat almost off the property.

    These were the first problems we have had in about 9 years so I think the bad was catching up with the good.
  13. laidbck111

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    Hey guys thanks for the encouraging words and the laughs. This was the first trouble we have had in many years and I think it was the bad luck catching trying to catch-up with all the great luck we have had there. We have another trip planned with my favorite Santee guide the first week of October so I know we will have a great trip. My buddy did call me today and said he found a fuel line that had a small vacuum leak and that the motor is puring like a spoiled cat. As always good luck and be safe.
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    That's a tough trip, I've had my gas stolen before, But in a secluded landing (Wilson's landing), Had to spend the night, there were no gas stations open for miles. By the way, how deep were you fishing and what bait? It sounds like they were really aggressive.
  15. Gomer

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    Benji that sounds like some of my luck, but without the terminal rods I (don't set my drags that tight) just lit them run a bit. Sorry about the Gas that really had TO HURT after having to come off the lake. :angry: !!
    LOOK on the bright side, all the bad luck is now out of the way HOPEFULLY FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR !!
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    Benji I just want to know where that hole is that the fish got your rod and broke one. I would like to try catching that fish or maybe catch a good fishing rod. LOL Sorry about the bad luck.
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    hadn't thought about gas theft. suppose that is going to be a problem this year. wouldn't think much of a guy siphoning gas at a boat launch normally, but will watch fot it now.

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    Thanks for the story. Sorry about your bad luck. I've had a few of those days myself. Good luck next time.
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    My rule is; when three things go wrong, nothing will go right.

    Broke a Tiger rod? Dang. I am using mine to hold my boat motor up right now while I repair my transom....LOL!!!:big_smile:
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    That was exactly my line of thought
    The hole is easy to find if you know where Jacks Landing is; go out to the main lake and take a right the cove is down a bit and has 2 floating "gator shacks" in it. Pull down in there just past the shacks that bite came of the front of the boat the line was cast out in between a clump of 3 trees.

    The water we fished was 8-17 foot and mostly near structure like rocks on flats and clumps of trees. We were using 8-12 inch herring cut into 2-3 chunks and heads.