Burr Oak lake

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  1. stangcrazy85

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    went out last night with phien 223 for a bit of chanell cattin
    werent there in the water for 15 min and had a usual chanell screamer run damn team catfish hooks i missed felt him for a sec.. cut chub head
    then an hour later phien had a screamer and a hook up on chub body
    turnd out to be a 28 incher holy cow it was a big en
    had one mor run later on but nothing came of it on bluegill body skinned it clean mabey a flathead they were short burst runs oh well pics later when he can figure out the phone
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    S.E Ohio
    Burr Oak has some nice channels in there that is certain. Seems like lately the lake has been going down hill. Not exactly sure why or what has happened in there. Flatties are far an in between in that lake from what has been told an from some experience fishing there.