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    Any of you folks use one or have heard of this. An old timer once told me that when you pull a fish from deep water that you should burb it before releasing it. Basically push a stick down its throat. He said the change in pressure will cause them to get an air bubble in their bladder, or lungs, and it can kill them when you turn them loose. I've never ran across anyone who's done this nor have I heard anyone talk about it. Just curious if maybe he had taken one to many nips of brandy or if there is any truth to it.

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    A Stick????? What good will a stick do???

    A tube is what I use. A small diameter tube made of plastic or CPVC will do the trick. Just make sure the end that you use is smooth as to not scrape the throat lining of the fish! Incert it slow and steady till you here the gases escape through the tube and, he is set to go swimming.

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    When a fish is in deep water the air in its swim bladder is compressed from all the pressure around the fish. When the fish is brought up quickly this compressed air expands as the pressure comes off of it and causes the fish to bloat. Normally a fish can equalize the pressure on is own as is rises, but not when pulled up quickly as often happens when we catch one. A fish that is bloated like this can not dive untill the air is released either naturally, or with a little help and will struggle on the surface and could die. Sometimes a cat will burp on its own when a little gentle pressure is applied to its belly by a hand or when lying on the bottom of a boat. If not, a small pipe can be inserted gently down it's throat until the air is released. Be carefull not to have your face in line with the pipe because often a little gift may come out along with the air:smile2:. I use a ½ inch pvc pipe with the ends smoothed off for this.
    you will hear alot of people say to stick them with a needle.. DONT DO THAT! IT WILL KILL THEM. they will swim away at first, but it inhibits their ability to properly swim and suspend and eventually leads to mortality