Burnsville Lake in winter

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  1. Burnsville Lake is at winter pool, it drops 13' and most of the lake bottom is exposed now. This is the time we scout out the bottom. Looking for fallen trees the may have fell this summer that totally sermeged. This will hold Flatheads. You can even find where the bass fishermen have built brush piles for holding bass. This also holds bait fish, which will bring Flatheads in. We stand on the bank and take pictures of these spots and fish with theses pics until we learn them by heart. We will also look for big rocks and other things that will hold Flatheads. It also makes for good cabin fever. I would like to invite you readers to come and fish Burnsville this summer. Most of the time I am guiding fishing trips, but will take the time to help you find a fishing spot. Just remember I would like you to release the Flatheads and eat the channel cats. Also thinking of putting on a gathering this yr.

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    i am planning on coming to burnsville next weekend -- never been there before and was wondering if you would let me in on a spot where my wife and i could possibly get on some cats -- we will be camping at campground any spots near there -- thanks Duane