Burke Lake

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  1. Pinky

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    Hello every one! new member outa VA! just wondering if any one else fishes Burke lake. was out late tonight but left with no dinner:( struggling to dial in the right bait/ location code for this lake...... i was set up by the dam throwing livers and nasty blood bread home made "paste" i was sinking the deepest hole that i know of .........has any one had any luck? i need my cat fix! interested to meet other local anglers. if you see a young guy in an AMG hat, say hi!
  2. riverdawg-1

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    salem, va
    Welcome to the BOC. I only fished Burke lake 1 time about 10 years ago. I think we caught alot of cats that night, but I don't even remember where we were camping. I live near Roanoke and mostly fish Smith Mountain, New river and James river.

  3. rebcatman

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    Manassas, Virginia
    Welcome to the BOC. I have only fished Burke Lake a few times, since the crowds can be pretty overwhelming on the weekends. The last time I fished there was last September, and I caught a number of good sized catfish on liver. I was fishing the far side of the lake close to the dam,(follow the trail around to the first opening). I don't know if I just lucked out that night, or if that is a regular patten for the fish to move up in the shallows like that.