bunnges on ur set lines

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    i am going to be really careful how i word this so i dont sound like a jack ass,lol.i dont set lines but i have seen many of them,take a rubber bungee and take the hooks out,tie one end to a tree or whatever and tie your hook line to the other end,it provides a shock so the fish wont straighten your hook or break your line,it works pretty well from what i have noticed.a cheaper easier way is to cut up in innertube of a old bike and take about 8inch piece and tie knots on each end just above knot tie your hookline and just below other knot tie the line going to the bank.same principal as the bungee.good luck
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    Down in NC where I live, we use mt bike inner tubes for set lines. I have about 20-30 tubes( legal limit is 10 per person in NC) and have about 6 ft of line on each one with a big ol circle hook. Take a piece of reflective tape and wrap around each one. We drop a canoe in or the motorboat if the river is up a little, go over a couple hundred yards of river and throw a tube over a snag, stump or tree limb. We use cut bait, live bait is illegal on setlines in NC. We go up & down the river with a flashlight, it the tube holds a little air, it acts as it's own bobber if it's floatin, keep goin or check the bait, if it's a jerkin well hello kitty!! If you can't see the tape, well it might be underwater with a big ol blue a bouncin on the other end.

    I also use pool noodles with pvc in the center for my jugs, Tie nylon line so the know it on the opposite end of the jug from the reflective tape. Good reflective tapeis visible for a hundred yds with a halway decent flashlight, even farther with a spotlight.

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    I sure like that full tube idea! What do you think the biggest weight fish is you have caught on one of those?

    You just keep the tube whole, and then wrap it on its self around a snag, right?