Bullheads as Bait

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    Here in Pennsylvania catching bullheads in flathead territory can be an arduous task but if you find a good source of bullheads they are fairly easy to catch. Bullheads can be taken day or night on all types of bait.Some of the baits I have used to catch bullheads include beef liver or chicken liver,minnows ,night crawlers, pieces of hot dogs, and even left over Easter ham,Just keep the bait fairly small because bullheads only grow to about 18 inches maximum.Due to the small size of this catfish relatively light tackle can be used. A medium action rod with 8 -10 lb. test will work fine, toped off with a size 1 hook,you won`t need a hook any bigger. I hook live-bait behind the dorsal fin or through the tail to keep them lively, make sure you have a variety of hook sizes to match the size of the bullhead, it is critical to have the point of the hook exposed.There will always be debate over which hook to use and what size to use. I generally use 6/0 to9/0 hooks for flatheads but use whatever you like as long as it is big enough to remain exposed once it is hooked through the bullhead.There are alot of fisherman that support the theory that bullheads are a favorite prey item of the flathead, I`m one of them.In Pennsylvania rivers where flatheads are absent bullhead numbers remain steady but in waters where there is a good population of flatheads bullhead numbers have steadily declined. To further support this theory,I have caught only one bullhead on the Monogahela River in the past 5 years, the Mon is where I do all of my flathead fishing. I hope you found my article informative,if it helps one person become a better fisherman the effort was well worth it.