Bullheads and Bluegill

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by orion_xxvx, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. orion_xxvx

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    North Central Missouri
    Do you remember the first 10 fish you ever caught? Who was instrumental in developing your love of fishing. My maternal grandad and grandmother were wonderful bout taking us kids with them.
  2. shania

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    San Leandro, Ca
    Hey Rob,

    I don't quite remember the first 10 fish that I caught, but I'm sure that they were Bluegills. Because when I was a kid
    (many, many moons ago :0a14:- LoL:happy:),
    my grandparents use to take me up to "Clear Lake" here in California every summer for weeks at a time, for me to get away from the city for awhile & get some of the nice Bluegills that the lake had to offer "But" after I seen the size of the fish they were catching, of course I wanted to know why there fish were so big and mine were all about the same size (But Nice), so I wanted in. Anyway - that is when I got my first Catfish & the rest is history.

  3. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    I was a bluegill catching fool in my early childhood. I had access to a pond that if you threw in a bare hook you was likely to catch on. It was a great experience.
  4. ladyfish50

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    I don't remember my first fish, but I know it was my Dad who got me started. And I'm pretty sure it would've been a bream, because I've lived here in NW Louisiana all my life. I do remember the first catfish I caught, tho. I was fishing in a boat house, & caught about a 1 1/2 lb cat on a cane pole with a worm! My daddy was so proud!
    My granddaughter caught her first fish 2 yrs ago; a bream, while fishing with us! We were so excited for her; made lots of pictures. And....my husband took that very bream pole & hung it up in our bedroom next to her picture with her fish!!
  5. john catfish young

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    My Grandpa's both taught me to fish. One lived up north and the other in the south and so I learned to catch a variety of different kinds of fish. I have in return taught my children and my nephews and lots of young ones how to fish as well. It is very gratifying to see faces light up as they catch their first fish.:smile2:
  6. Netmanjack

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    The first ten fish I caught were giant Shovelheads all over fifty pounds. I was only five and fishing alone. We didn't have cameras back then so I had to draw a picture of them, but I lost it in a flood some time back...I remember it like yesterday though..and I have been hooked on fishing ever since.:wink:
  7. catfisherman_eky3

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    Hey when i was a kid my dad took me fishing and hunting alot with him when i was younger which really made me fell in love with fishing, I remember when i was just a child dad would take me to some ponds, and let me catch some blue gill and bass, after the first catch i was hooked im doing the same now with my neice and nephews.
  8. plainsman

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    I guess the first time I went fishing I went wtih my Grandpa. He'd take us kids out with his buddies. Never did find that place again. did some ice fishin with him, then when we got older Dad took us out, it was fun. Also I'd go with the school janitor in grade school. Then I got older and went with my older brothers and then with friends. First fish were bullheads. then speared a northern, caught a few in the spring at times, speared a lot of carp in the summer, and caught sheephead, and crappies one summer. Got some trout lately, walleyes, catfish and a bass. Got some salt water fish but nothin worth keepin. The surf perch are pretty small, jack smelt full of worms and the rockfish were too small. Did get some red snapper and lingcod once a long time ago.
  9. Wil

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    Minden Nebraska
    the first 10 fish i caught were channel cats out of my grandpas secret pond. he stocked it when i was born and 4 years later when my mom would finally let me go fishing me, grandpa and dad went out and caught about 20 channel and blue cats that were almost as big as i was! haha, i dont remember this but i have the pictures to prove it haha now to get them on the comp so i can show them to all my brothers