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this may sound stupid but what is a bullhead?is it a type of catfish? I hear folks on here talking about them but i cant say for sure i know what they are and what they look like.Could someone show me a pic of what one looks like?
thanks Bros.
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A bullhead is a catfish. they are a smaller species of catfish, usually under a pound. I think there is a brown, a black, and a yellow bullhead.
here is some pictures.


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Well said Sean, clear, concise and straight to the point.:cool:
s_self88 said:
A bullhead is a catfish. they are a smaller species of catfish, usually under a pound. I think there is a brown, a black, and a yellow bullhead.
here is some pictures.
Thanks for the info,that helps out alot.
They make a great Flathead bait if they are legal in your state.
(Sinkbait is great, daughter makes it fresh every day for me.)
Teabag when are you going to fix the spelling on this?? :rolleyes:
Chuck LMAO, one day brother, one day.
Bullheads or yellow cats are good to eat and as tea said great for bait when you can use them by law.
i have always said that bullheads look greenish and yellow. i love using them on throw lines because the will stay alive for ever, and they can fight off the snappers well.
everybody around here calls them yellowbelly's.
Bullheads are what i call the candy of the catfish family.Pount to pound and a half is some great eating.
heres what Bullheads look like in PA ...


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I'm not sure how they taste to some, but the bloody little boogers are only good for bait, and keeping kids happy when they are catching a ton of them.

I have caught hundreds of yellow bullheads in lakes here in southern indiana. I seem to always catch them around 12 - 16 inches though, and i would think those would be too big for bait. Do people people use bullheads dead, live, or cut? And what is the ideal size?
A bullhead is a catfish. they also taste good.
i agree. when we catch em we skin em and cook them up hole.
rodpod... I use the bullheads as fresh and lively as can be. They are awesome flathead bait and stay lively on the hook all night. I have used them as big as 12" and even bigger when going after big flats. It will eliminate catching some of the smaller flatheads but I have caught 10lb. flats on big baits I didn't think it was possible for the bait to fit in their mouth. I have never used bullheads as cutbait, I want the big live baits sending out as much vibrations as possible to attract the flats. I know alot of flathead fisherman have had good luck with cutbaits but I never did do any good with cutbaits. Smaller live bluegill or big bluegill heads for bigger sized channel cats and fresh lively big baits (bullheads, goldfish, big gills, warmouth, carp, live shad) for flats has always done well for me. Abu
If a yellowbelly made it to 60lbs. Could you imagine the size of his mouth, and what he could eat? Those nasty devils will try to fit a 5lb carp in a 12" body. The only catfish I ever saw to hit a topwater lure!!! If they ever genetically enhance the species to get that big I'll quit swimming!! :eek:
A Bullheads colors adapt to the color of the water that they come from.I have taken black backed ones out of black water creeks,put them in a crystal clear pond and watched their backs turn light tan with time.Their belly remains white.They are fine eating,and great fun on ultra-lite tackle.Also,people used to put one in their dug wells.It would live and eat the things that fell into the well,and kept the water clean.The ones in wells would develope very large heads for their body size.They are very long lived,in a well.peewee-williams
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