Bullhead CatfishTrap?

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    Anyone know if it is illegal to use a homemade trap in Illinois to catch small bullheads for flathead fishing? I ran across a simple plan made out of 1/2" wire fabric in the library section and thought it would be easy and simple to build. Any help well appreciated! Smitty
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    i searched the dnr books and site and i did not seem to come across anything that prohibited its use. I do not think bullheads are considered a game fish so you should be clear on it but i would check with a local dnr office just to make sure

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    go to your local walmart and pick up a fishing regulations book for free and check it out, it should tell you mesh size opening size ect. i built "a brem trap you can build yourself" from the library if thats the one your talking about. only thing i cought in it so far was bullhead.:wink:
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    From my understanding to use any type of trap basket/net to take fish other then shad etc.you'll need a commercial license? No metal or wire baskets are allowed. You can use baskets to hold your catch with a recreational fishing license. I know alot of guys use traps/nets for bluegills etc but its not legal to do so. Just had this discussion few years ago with one of our local bunny cops. Couple of yahoos were at the local park ponds and had some tunnel traps set made out of chicken wire. That was an expensive oops for them. I came up on the situation as he was writing several expensive tickets. About $300 each if I remember right. Ive got plans of one's we used when we commercial fished. Most are pretty simple.
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    BULLHEADS are a CATFISH and all CATFISH like ALL SUNFISH are called sportfish that you can use only HOOK AND LINE to fish with.

    No traps or nets.

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    Here is what I found from the IL regs hope this helps.

    A sport fishing license permits the use of legalsized
    cast nets, shad scoops, minnow traps
    and minnow seines to obtain shad, alewife,
    minnows and crayfish to use as bait, provided
    they are not sold or are not identified as threatened
    or endangered aquatic life. All cast nets
    shall be not larger than 8 feet in diameter or of
    a mesh size not larger than 3/8 inch bar measurement.
    All shad scoops shall be not larger
    than 30 inches in diameter or of a mesh size
    not larger than 1/2 inch bar measurement or
    longer than 4 feet in length. Minnow seines
    shall not be longer than 20 feet, deeper than 6
    feet or contain mesh size larger than 1/2 inch
    bar measurement. Minnow traps shall not be
    longer than 36 inches, nor wider than 24 inches,
    nor use mesh larger than 1/2 inch bar measurement.
    Minnows and crayfish may be collected with
    traps of metal screen or hardware cloth, plastic,
    or nylon mesh or netting. Such traps may not
    be more than 24 inches in width or diameter or
    more than 36 inches in length nor use a mesh
    of more than 1/2 inch bar measurement. Each
    entrance aperture may not exceed 1.5 inches in
    diameter. If unattended, such devices must be
    tagged with the name and mailing address of
    the person operating the device. Minnows and
    crayfish collected in such devices may only be
    taken for personal use and may not be sold or
    There is nothing in the Illinois Fish Code which
    prohibits the use of legally taken bluegill or sunfish
    as bait for another species of fish. The
    bluegill/sunfish must have been taken by a
    properly licensed sport fisherman using legal
    sportfishing devices. You must also observe all
    size and creel limits both where the
    bluegill/sunfish were taken and where they are
    being used as bait. Also, it is illegal to cut up
    or dress or be in possession of cut up or
    dressed fish on any body of water where there

    is a size limit for that particular species of fish
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    This will be your friend for all of your Illinois Fishing Laws


    Re-reading these for the billionth time this year....

    I am going to say using a trap for these is illegal. Reason being
    1) Bullhead is a type of catfish which is defined as a sportfish and a commercial fish in IL.
    2) Traps are for baitfish only including shad, minnows, alewife and crayfish.

    Given it is a commercial fish, it must be at minimum of 15" in length. Otherwise, it must be returned to the water immediately given it was taken by commercial fishing ways like nets, traps, etc.
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    i can't find and laws either but i am sure that it is not allowed
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    This could only be used legally if your fishin private waters. :big_smile: