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    Buffalo, West V
    Ok guys and gals I live in Putnam County, West Virginia and I have been trying to get some bullhead catfish. About 10 years ago they were around here where I live but they seem to have disappeared because I can't caught them where I use to. I have called some fish farms and pet stores around here to see if any of then carry or can get bullhead catfish and the answer is NO. Does anyone know where I could get some? I would be willing to travel a couple hours if it was worth my time or even buy some if the price is right. What Im saying is that Im not driving 4 hours for just a dozen or so. Any help would be appricated.
  2. Dirtdobber

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    Check around for farm ponds. I get mine out of ponds that have been around for a long time.

  3. kscathunter

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    has it been 10 years since youve looked for them? they may still be there but not there (moved to a hole) till the water warms up enough. Like dirt said talk to some farmers in your aera:wink:
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    Neal you may want to take a trip out into Mason County or Jackson County,should be able to find plenty in the muddy/sandy bottom creeks.
    There used to be a good bit on Paint Creek but I haven't fished there since I was 16-17 and I live only minutes from there.You may even try some places down around Coal River.I know most any pond you see down that way holds bullheads.