Bullfrog Creek

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    I just moved to Bardstown Road area and noticed Bullfrog Creek was no longer there. Did it go out of buisness or just move to a new location?
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    I'm prety sure that bass pro put them out of buisness. that was a great store. I use to get all my fly fishing stuff from them, as a matter of fact my most expensive fly rod and reel came from them. 6wt temple fork and a redington reel for $500.oo bucks. but anyways B.P has a nice fly shop inside as well now with some decent prices on a few things but most is paying for the name kinda stuff.

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    Louisville, Ken
    Yep went out of business fall of 2008,,Man you missed some good sales on reels, I got 2 ABU, RECORD RNC60HC for 110. each and couple of Dawia Millionaire CVX 300A wide spools for 130.00. They had a closeouts on all the rods..The fenwicks sold out the first day of the sale:sad2: and Boy! I would have liked to got my hands on that rack of BWC/AO 2201 7' Md, (20/50)lb Ugly stick Tiger Rods Before they dissapeared.:eek:oooh: In the first day!! GONE ! ALL of them,every good rod in the store..50% off all terminal tackle..Man it went fast..I went back the next week and it was almost cleaned out..:sad2:

    He said it was time to retire..

    Dick sporting goods on shelbyville rd, bps over in Ind,

    PS,,Welcome to the BOC Joe
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