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Discussion in 'Guns - Blackpowder' started by Jesse168, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Jesse168

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    Memphis, Tennessee
    I am planning to start casting my own bullets and am in need of some bullet molds. If anyone has some molds they are concidering parting with please let me know. I am looking for muzzleloader and modern cartridge bullet molds.

    Thanks Jesse168
  2. xringer3

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    You might check on ebay. I've seen some really good deals on there on moulds now and then. Just remember, when casting muzzle loader bullets, use as pure a lead as you can get. You don't really want any other metals in int. It's got to be the soft lead. With the other metals in it, it will expand after casting. I accidentally did this once and had to use a hammer to get the round down the barrel, LOL.