Bull steam plant

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    anyone know anything about the bull run steam plant location if there is any good shore fishing there i read about it on internet and couldnt find any info it i am looking for good river shore fishing by a dam i cant handle a boat any more any imput would be appriciated
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    The best bank fishing over at Bull Run is off limits to bank fishermen now. It's across the railroad trestle, either side of the channel. They were writing warning tickets for criminal trespassing if you get across the railroad. I got one myself and was told if I went back on the forbidden side, it would be a $250 fine. There was one fellow who got warned once, then went back and actually got fined and was told if caught again he would go to jail. Another fellow was fishing with his buddy in his boat. He got out of the boat to retrieve a snagged lure from a tree. He was written up for trespassing and the TVA Police wouldn't even let him back in the boat. His buddy had to drive the boat back and the cops put him on the road and he had to walk back to the ramp. Some say it's because of drug activity in the area, some say emergency vehicles can't get over there, others say it's due to litter, others say meth makers were stealing chemicals from TVA. Whatever the reason, it's sure messed up some good fishing. You're allowed to fish the canal upstream from the trestle. Good catfishing over there.