Bull Run Generating Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I heard from three different sources that the steam plant is smoking again. Give it a week or two, and the fishing probably will pick up. Don't know if the skipjack will run in there or not, but last April there were some in there. I caught a couple on jigs. However, I wasn't fishing for skippies, I was bass and stripe fishing. Also got a few catfish over there up to 14 lbs. WARNING: Don't eat many fish outta there, their probably radioactive!! The US record striper was caught there once in the 1980s, over 60 pounds. However in a few months someone in California caught one bigger. There should be a few stripers around later if they keep up the generating. All the way from the plant down to Bull Run Creek should be good fishing with the warmer water. I saw a fisherman hook a catfish that was about 3-1/2' out there in a boat, he fought it forever and it broke the line right when he was getting ready to land it. It was a blue and he was using 20 lb. test line. I don't know if the catfishing will pick up, but the crappie, sauger, and striper fishing for sure ought to improve.
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    Thanks for the great report, hope that the bite keeps getting better for you.