bull head for bait

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    there was a question posted on a thread and i found this in the wildlife code,(thanks mr.t) i replyed to his question and thought i would post this as a thread...i didnt know for sure but now if i snag into a bullhead i will cut his tail off and wing him out on one of my big rods on a warm dark summer night.

    Wildlife code chapter 20 pg 4 article 27:c

    (27) Game fish: Shall include the following in
    which the common names are to be interpreted
    as descriptive of, but not limiting, the
    classification by Latin names:

    Ictalurus, all species except bullheads,
    commonly known as channel catfish, blue
    catfish, Mississippi cat, Fulton cat, spotted

    cat, white cat, willow cat, fiddler cat.
    :wink: so there you have it...my next bait for flatties will be a bullhead(note if he is over a foot long you have to return him to the water, cant use him as live bait)