Built my own crawfish trap

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Howie Ketchdem, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Howie Ketchdem

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    took some wire mesh .25" openings and bent up a crawfish trap it was realy simple to do and it works pretty darn good i must say set it in the river by where i catfish and it was in there about 3 hours had a stomped blue gill in ther for bait and caught a crayfish in it it was a giant crawdad to that was right i tne middle of the day to cant wait to check it tommorrow it should have quite a few, i used that crawdad for bait it didnt seem to work as well as cut bait caught 4 on cut bait and had on3 hit the crawdad but did not commit to it, at first i was using the crawdad live and had no bites but was getting hits on the cutbait so i pulled in the craw and smashed his head and pinchers it was in the water about 5 minutes aand wham but he let it go.
  2. SSgt Fishslayer

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    south carolina
    we used to make crawfish traps out of porch screen. they worked pretty well for us. we caught more bass than we did cats, but that was back when we were kids and liked to catch anything.

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    Break the pinchers off the crawdad. Cats will be more apt to hit a defenseless crawdad then one with big ol pinchers that are snapping at it. I also use circle hooks for dads. They seam to always hit them hard, so you usually get a good hook set with the circles.