Built a new pond

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by onlyone, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. onlyone

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    SE Kansas
    We just built another pond oof about 2 acres. Right now its only about 4ft. deepX75ft. longX 15ft. wide. due to lack of rain. How long should I wait before I start to put fish in it from other ponds? When will a food source start to develop (minnows, crawdads, crap like that)??
  2. slabmaster

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    check with your county extension office . they will have tons of info on ponds and pond management.

  3. Cattracker16

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    Wilton Iowa
    call your local well digger and have them drill a water well for the pond... get the pond full.. call your states dnr, or county guy that is dnr and find out when they will stock your pond with fish.. or atleast that's what we did at my bro-in-laws.. the fish cost was cheap like 53 bucks for enough fish they figure for 1 1/2 acre pond.. We drill alot of wells for ponds around here in iowa average cost is about 5 - 6 grand pending on how deep and how much water you want to put in..