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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by willyray07, Jun 7, 2007.

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    im trying to make my own version of redneck brand flagging jugs im wondering if anbody has used them wondering if they will hold up to a big cat if u have never seen them they are two foot a noodle kids use for smimming with a piece of pvc that is about 36 inches and capped on both ends what is the best way to tie the line to it or should i glue it in the top of the cap with a small nail tied to the line i'll be using 100lb never rot black line i believe the line is tarred or treated so it shouldn't have to be replaced any ideas to improve it and after i get started i'll get some pictures and possibly try to sell them any input is greatly accepted
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    Actually the white foam is something they call backer rod. It is a little thicker than pool noodles and can hold a considerable catfish. I know of a few who have caught cats to 65lbs. I know one guy who used some of this foam about 4" in diameter about twice the normal size. He was fishing for flatheads and caught one weighing 85lbs.

    The fish can take these jugs under water but can't keep them there long. They usually have them weighted and stationary with a weight of about 1lb on the bottom.

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    i put a washer on one end and glue a cap on both ends just loop the line around the other. i have gone mostly to 20 inch noodle with a 24 inch pvc pipe capped on both ends. i have used 30 inch but they cut down on the tension of the jug going under and not knowing where it will come up. i love to watch the jugs go under and gradually disappear. i use a 6 foot 600 lb parachute cord main line with a knot tied in it at 2-3 and 4 feet weighted at the bottom then i use a 1 foot drop on a barrell swivel and a trotline clip. i set the hooks at 3 different depths 1 hook per jug until i see the best depth to fish. i tried 20 to 40 foot main lines and only caught bait size.