Building a worm bed?

Discussion in 'Homemade baits' started by weinerdog, Jan 10, 2010.

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    Has anyone successfully built a worm bed? I'm converting an old refrigerator into one and would be appreciative of any tips or advice.

    So far I've stripped the frig of all plumbing and shelving, turned it over on it's side so the doors open up like a chest freezer, and drilled drainage holes in the bottom and sides with screen glued over the holes to prevent the worms from escaping.

    For the initial bedding material I used a combination of shredded newspaper, cow manure, peat moss, and leaves.

    I saturated it all with water and plan on letting it sit for a few days before putting in the worms.

    I'll probably start with a thousand red worms so I'm hoping I don't make any big mistakes that would kill them!

    If all goes well I'll have a constant supply of worms for bream bait and the additonal benefit of the castings they leave behind for my garden.
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    My wife and I got into it last year after looking for info. Youtube is good for that. What we settled on was plastic tub with lid , add shredded paper ,coffee grounds, some soil , you can add kitchen veggie left overs to. We got the small worms from Wal-mart Mmmm 3 doz for a tub an lay them on top an let them work thier selves in. If the paper gets eat up add more. In about a month they will have layed eggs and you can pull bigger ones out and starting over in new tub ,leavine the eggs and little one to grow. More tubs more worms. Tubs are nice only because we can handle them weight wise. I keep them in the garage with light over them to keep them from crawling out. Take the shredded paper and dunk in water wring out excess then add other materials. If it gets dry add some water to moisten it up. the wallie worms handle the heat and cold pretty good. egg shell are good to add to

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    Linn Valley, Ks
    Good advise. I'd also ad that when your adding your fruits and veggies. Stay away from citrus, It burns them. No meat products. A little sand in the soil helps them digest also.
    Some thing I do is always feed them fron one side of there container, that way the can get into it or stay out side of it till its ready.
    some thing else you should know is there casts are worth some money as fertilizer. If I can help in any way feel free to PM me.
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    i would just keep them in the shade and dont water them alot i had a little worm box of red worms that lasted for 7 months. i went fishing and thats why it was only 7 months :) i also just used peat moss in them. i had none f the other stuff that you mentioned but im sure itll work just fine