building a Sit On Top Kayak

Discussion in 'Kayaker and Canoe Fishing' started by Randy, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Randy

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    I was thinking about building a Sit On Top Kayak and came up with using a solid block of compressed and laminated block of Balsa Wood. Purchase the block then borrow a friend’s yack for a pattern then carve out the new one and coat it in clear resin, the bow, keel, and stern should be a tougher material than balsa wood. With the right stain it sure would be nice looking and balsa wood should ride the water good. It probably cost too much but what do you all think?
    Personally I’d like a Kayak designed for a big guy and a trolling motor one of the new remote control motors, fishing and duck hunting the Louisiana and Texas coast any suggestions?
  2. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    Be easier and alot lighter building from a set of stitch and glue plans.
    I happen to know a fella that designs them things and sells simple as heck to build plans.

  3. jeremiad

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    Randy, check out and see what Nick Schade does.

    You might also check for some great information as well.

    The strip-built or stich-and-glue kayaks are extremely stable and the right model can be found that will fit you comfortably.

    There are even designs for SOTs, but they are rather challenging to make from wood, due to shaping required for the cockpit, but it can be done.

    The balsa concept sound like unnecessary weight for minimal buoyancy gain to me. A professional designer might like the concept of balsa blocking for trim or performance, but never to form the entire hull. At least that's my humble opinion.

    I bought Nick Schade's book from, and will never regret it. It is a great resource. I prefer the SOT myself, but plan on building a strip-built SIK first just to master the building technique.

    Of course, this is after I finish installing wood floors throughout my upstairs! :embarassed::tounge_out: