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    It seems like every year I either don't get a lid on tight or I drop something that causes one of my bottles of lure, urine or bait to break. I have a pouch on my trap basket that I use when I go into the field, but don't need to carry beaver lure when I am trapping for fox. So I have come up with a carrier that goes with me in the van and hopefully it is safe enough nothing will spill or break this year. I am sure most have some kind of system worked out ... but If you don't here is my solution.


    1 - 25# Deck Screw Container (empty)
    1 - 3" x 14" x 14" piece of poly foam


    1 - Very sharp fillet knife


    This container is just high enough that my 8 oz. squeeze urine bottles will fit. The container is 10" x 10" x 6½" high.


    I trimmed the piece and cut it to size.


    With a felt tipped marker I drew around the bottles ... locating them so there was enough clearance to clear the inside lip of the lid. Then I cut out openings for the bottles.


    Placed my foam in the container ... making sure it was pushed down as far as it would go. Make sure that for taller bottles (8 oz. urine bottles)... that the hole is pretty clean at the bottom. There isn't a whole lot of room and any foam under them will keep container lid from closing.



    Secure the lid and you are ready to go. Another thought with using this container is that I can easily take it inside at night so there will be no chance of freezing.


    The container secures very tight and firm and there is absolutely no jiggling of the bottles. You could also use a 2" piece of foam, but this all I could find. Happy Trapping.
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    That's a great Idea Gary.. I used to carry a shotgun belt and wear it over my head and shoulder and carry my scent bottles in the belt. Most of the scent bottles fit in the shell belt really well.