Building a Fire for Camping

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    Original post made by Rob McKay(Sgt Rob) on November 23, 2003

    That's good firecraft info! I'd like to pass on a couple of tips I learned during winter survival training whil stationed in Montana. Get some "100% cotton" jumbo cotton balls and Vaceline. Mix the two together, thoughly coating the cotton balls but not saturating them. Stuff the coated cotton balls in a 35mm film container and when you are ready to use them, pull out a couple and spread them out a little to introduce some air into the ball. We were taught to light the ball with a "Strike Force" (flint and steel) but the old Bic would work just fine. A spark is all it takes to get these going. These little balls of jelly will burn hot for a long time and take up no space at all. They were always with me on mountain hunts in MT. Try It!