building a 200 gallon tank for gills

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    i'M thinking a bout building a 200 gallon tank for blue gills out of fiberglass I have enough mesh to build it (250yds) and i have 6 gallons of resin that is at the house. i have an old pin i used for my female dogs to have their pups in so tha twill make a good mold for the tank .

    I'm looking ot use my old pool pump to provide the water flow through the pvc pipe to keep the water moving and i have a lawn pond heater for the winter to keep them from freezing during the winter time going to keep the water at 55-60 degrees. tank with be 8 layers thick which will be strong enough for me to stand on and not collaspe.

    the mold will remain in place to add support to the sides just in case.

    again this is my plan for when i get back in country @ the end of aug.