Buggs island fishing

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    had a trip planning for gaston but my fishing buddy decide they want to go to buggs island. any one out there have any tips. never been there . need all the help i can get. will be there 8-19 .
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    Ahhh, don't know a whole lot about Kerr myself, I would use Slip bobbers if I were you though. I fish Gaston almost everyday and have had success doing what other people aren't doing!

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    Probally best for big Blues is frm Bluestone to the river or up the Dan river from northmost ramp. I have got smaller ones (3 to 10 lbs) under Rudds Creek bridge. Of course shad is best , they go for those small black bream (green sunfish) well. Seams the smaller the better. They are always around the rip_rap under the bridge. tha river channel is 2 pillings out. fish generally stack up on south side of bridge. Haven't hit there this year, let us know how you do:0a23:
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    there's a good article about Buggs Island blues and flatheads in this month's Carolina Sportsman