Buffalo - What kind of fish is this?

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  1. arync

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    I have a cousin who grew up in LA and every time he goes back he always brings Buffalo Ribs back with him. What kind of fish is Buffalo, what do they look like, and how big do they get? Also, do people fish for them alot?
  2. r_p_narramore

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    East KY
    They look like a cross between a carp and a drum. We catch a lot of them out of the ohio river. I have seen them up to about 30lbs.

  3. ar_confederate

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    Minden, Lo
    I don't fish for them. Never have eaten them either but there are some who do.
  4. Buddrice

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    The ribs are the best part of the Buffalo when they are prepared right.There is a couple of places around here you can buy Buffalo Ribs.. :smile2:
  5. IL Hunter

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    Around here fish fry's usually have buffallo. It isn't bad eating. The only thing is it has to be scored because of the Y bones. If it's cooked right its not bad. Not as good as catfish, but not bad.
  6. da-cajun-angla

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    Im Right By The Spillway Locks By The Mississippi River About 15 Min. Away From New Orleans... When The River Gets High And They Open The Locks, The Water Rolls Across A Street Between The Locks And The Spillway. The Fish Come Through By The Thousands. 30-50lb Bullfish(what We Call Em') Swim Across The Street With 2/3 Of Their Body Stickin Out The Water. My First Time I Put A Big Dip Net On Em' And That Was A Mistake! Had To Retire That Net...i Learned After That To Take My Spearfishin' Gun And Shoot Em' As They R Crossin'...and Damn...what A Fight Of Tug-of-war!!! But It Was For Crawfish Bait...i Never Thought Of Eatin' Em' Cause It Is A Bottom Feeder In The Mississippi, And It's A Herbivore...ewww<----just My Opinion...but I've Caught Sacks And Sacks Of Pogies And Some Kind Of Fish That Looks Like A Silver Goldfish And A Lot Of Different Species...im Gonna Have To Take Some Video Of It Next Time They Open Em'. Some Guys Take A Boat To Where The Water's Flowing Out Of The Locks Which Is About 5-7' Higher Than The Boat Level And Have A Basically Beefed-up Homemade Dipnet And Just Hold It Under The Stream Of Water And Catch 100's Of Lb's Of Pogies!!! Pretty Cool S#*t!!! If Their Lil' Boat Goes Too Close To The Stream Coming Out The Locks....bluh-bluh-bluh...down The Boat Goes, But The Waters Only A Few Feet Deep...mostly Just Embarrasing! Just Thought This Was Intersting.
  7. WildWillie

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    Rockport, TX
    We used to eat those greasy ribs when I was a kid growing up in LA. (at least I remember them as greasy) Been gonna get some to cook for years. My boys are 28 and 34, and I don't suppose they ever had Buffalo ribs. Same way with beef tripe. Alway was gonna cook them some, but never did. No way they would eat it now. Guess I'll just stick to the kitties, as I know they'll eat them.

  8. Deltalover

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    Tracy Calif
    Nice post! Very interesting!
  9. smackover

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    used to go to a boat camp on the Ouchita river out of Smackover, Ark.
    Pop would buy a buffalo from the man that ran the camp.

    Think he caught them in a hoop net.

    There was a place on N. Market at the bayou in Shreveport that sold them too.

    Cut in pieces & Fried up like catfish.

    We ate the whole thing, not just ribs.......as well as i remember fried fish, fried taters, slaw, light bread sweet iced tea.

    Don't think they eat them east of the big muddy

    Good memories

  10. ersel

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    Haughton Louisiana
    That place on N Market is Duponts and it is still there.
  11. Hannibal Mike

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    Hannibal, MO
    Buffalo is good eating and the ribs are an excellent way to eat part of the fish. It takes larger fish for this (carp ribs are also good). You can bread them many ways, so use your favorite. The hard part can be catching the buffs. They are very very delicate when biting most of the time. A small balanced float is the best to see the bite. One good bait is a sugar cube with a hole drilled through the center, then use a fine saw to cut a slit to the center hole on one side. Slide the line through the slit and slide the cube down onto the top of the hook. The cube will not fall apart too soon. Sweet corn works too. There are two types of buff (small mouth are very hard to catch and really bite gently and large mouth, which are more aggressive, but not like catfish). As Cajen said, flowing water areas in the spring sometimes bunch them up. The tailwaters of Rend Lake in southern IL has a lot of buffs, but the upper area has two erosion control earth dams with tubes. This is a great area to catch a lot of buffs in Mar/April. If fact, there are so many good buffs that netting is permitted in Jan/Feb/Mar. You'll catch a lot of 10 - 17lbsers. I have caught a lot of them on small white twister tails while fishing for white bass. They are a strong fighter. For the largest buffs, you should go to Town Lake in San Antonio, TX. A friend caught a 54 lber this spring on a dough ball while visiting. They catch 30+ fairly often, and I saw a pic of one over 60 lbs. That's a buff!!!!!!! They put them back unharmed. One other tip that I heard is that you should fish in the buff to catch a buff. I haven't tried that technique since I was a kid. Hannibal Mike
  12. laidbck111

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    I had never seen a buffalo as big as some of you guys catch are caught. The biggest one I have ever seen came out of Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas and it only weighed about 6 lbs. if I remeber correctly.
  13. cat-chaser

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    The ribs are the best part. In Tallulah, there's a bayou that runs thru town and comes out of the Big River and ends up in the Tensas. In the spring,when the water is up from all the rain, there's a kind of dam that pulls the water from the bayou, under a road and into the part that runs to the Tensas. When that thing is "up", many people have lined the banks and snagged 20-30lb buffalo right in the rushing water. Hundreds of fish. I've also used them for bait at this same place & caught 20-30 blue cats that come up from the Tensas at the same time, like they know whats going on. In the spring, its not uncommon to get 50 crappie standing elbow to elbow with other fisherman. And, last February, I caught an 11lb bass from this same hole.
  14. Fishing Fred

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    Lillington, N.C
    Glad I ran across this thread. Good to find someone else that remembers beef tripe ( Will ) and light bread ( Glenn ) ! Lived with my old maid aunt when I was young and there wasn't any kind of fish she couldn't cook and make it good. Might be because we were hungry ! Not a lot of easy to get between meal snacks in those days. Grew up in the real country here in N.C. Finally living back here again. Guess I've come full circle !
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    The buffalo is classified as a sucker fish. There are three varieties, at least in Texas, big mouth, smallmouth, and black buffalo. On Lake Waco, there are folks fanatical about catching buffalo. A 20 lb one is considered small by those folks. Here's a link for the big mouth: