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buddys first flathead

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I took a friend of mine out today to my favorite spot to show him where i go when im nowhere to be found. well unlike some of the other jerks ive taken fishing, he listens and takes my advice and waddayaknow......he land a 8# flatty! It was great, he had two on but lost them due to inexpeience but landed the 3rd. I didnt even care that i didnt catch any because i could tell by his expression that he really enjoyed it. he wants me to show him what equipment to buy and were gonna head tommorow. Man do i love catfishin!
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lol, sounds like you wont be fishin alone anymore... :D
yeah thats good now i dont have to ask strangers to take my picture, lol or try and take it myself.
I have a buddy the same way. He takes my advice when I give it. And he landed his first three in one night with me. The smallest was just over 7lbs.
It's fun when you take people with you that don't ever fish and they catch a fatty. You're kind of like his mentor now. Keep it up and keep catchin em!! ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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