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    Hey Everyone Have a Few ?'s about my buddies/soon to be family's motor what you all think. Not sure on the Type of Boat TY might be able to answer that question but anyways he has a 4 stroke merc On His Prop he is missin a nice size chunk on a blade & his fuel filter looks like it should of been changed a long time ago lol. We Ran his boat the other weekend just about a mile or two from put in back to ramp his boat would shutter <jerky> motor sounding like it was about to fade away/die @ low rpm's would the main problem be the fuel filter or his prop? Him and i are both aware they need replaced im just curious what problems you would get with a bad prop? Just bored and curious on this subject thanks everyone. Just a Side not we didnt take this boat out onto the missouri river just on a feeder river to the missouri, low flow no current so if we had problems we could of gotten towed back we do has some common sense :smile2: