Buckshot for hogs?

Discussion in 'Hog Hunting' started by lroyal, Feb 23, 2007.

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    Hey yall. Ive got a Rem. 870 12ga with a superfull turkey choke on it. Would it be a good hog gun? What size buckshot would you use? Ill be shootin at hogs from 75lbs on up through 200. Also i need this info fast cuz im goin huntin next weekend.
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    Altus, Okl
    I use 00 buck for hogs in my 12 guage. If you can shoot the 3 1/2" shells in your gun, then they are definitely better than the 3" shells..... but both of 'em will drop a hog "teets up." I've killed dozens of pigs with the 12 gauge. Trust me, it will most definitely do the job. Whenever me and my buddy go out hog hunting, one of us AlWAYS carries a shotgun. Seems like whenever we take 2 rifles, we always end up wishing that one of us had a scattergun for the close-in fast action. Just go to Wal mart and buy the silver box winchester shells, or the remingtons, or federals, whatever. The dead pigs won't know the brand or price of the shells you murdered them with. I use a mossberg 835 ulti-mag with my own personal "advantage jerrod" camo job. I use a Mossberg XX-full choke for pigs. I'm deadly out to about 50 yards.

    Last year, we trapped a 250 lb boar hog, and when we got there, he was destroying our trap. All I had was a shotgun with 3 1/2" 00 buck, so I hollered at the guys to let him out. They thought I was nuts. When he came out of that trap, he bolted quartering away from me. One shot, and he flipped over STONE DEAD at about 35 yards. This isn't our normal method, but it does illustrate how deadly a 12 guage can be on hogs.

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    buckshot will definitely smack a hog flat. i use the 3" 000 buckshot from remington. i have killed them with this out to 70 yards, but you might want to limit your shots to around 50 yards. we tried 4buck for the tighter pattern as we would on coyotes, but didn't get anywhere near the penetration of 00 or 000.
    my best kill with this load was on a 200 pound boar from 20 feet away. we ran a herd off a peanut field, and this bad boy turned to fight. most of the pellets hit him right above the eyes, and he didn't know what the heck hit him. it was great.
    as for the shotgun, i have used a remington 870 mag, mossberg 500a and mossberg 88 all with great success. i never shot a real tight choke, only modified. didn't know i could use my turkey choke with buckshot!
    good luck on your hog hunt man! let us know what happens, and be safe!
    good hunting