Buckeye Lake 8/4/08

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  1. RetiredToFish

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    Newark, Ohio
    Worked on outboard to try and get it running better and then went to Buckeye to test it out and do a little fishing. Finally got on the water and set up about 11:00 AM .. We had frozen bluegill for cut bait. Water temps were 83 degrees. Lake is down about 1 1/2 feet from earlier fishing. Lake color still pretty good shape. We fished in water from 6 feet to 13 feet. All of the fish seemed to located in 3 feet to to 4 1/2 feet of water. We drift- fished until about 3:30 PM with only one run with no fish caught. I saw one guy that was using live minnows drifting for saugeyes catch two small one. We fished from the bottom to using floats at various depths with no positive results.

  2. elizabuilt

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    Norton, OH
    glad to hear you got your motor running. It must of ran good since I read no complaints after 4 1/2 hours. I have caught fish in rivers during the day in good numbers, but lakes I always do better at night.

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    Congrats on getting out there on the water