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Discussion in 'Trapping & Fur Taking' started by gooboy, Jan 3, 2006.

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    i bought some buckets from the snare shop this year to try out bucket cubbies. the buckets are 9"x9"x13"deep. a 220 fits perfect. caught quite a few coons, a pile of possums, 1 huge buck otter, and of all things a red fox. was using salted buffalo for bait. this set is very quick to set up and very productive. only problem, if there is any chance of dogs in the area, don't set one out. the 220's don't discriminate. they will kill whatever sticks its head in the bucket. i was trapping islands and rock jettys on the river. if you've got places with coons that aren't easy to set with more conventional sets you may want to give these a try.
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    Ya, I think I will try some of those the end of this month when I hit a line in the river bottom. I have a buddy who has a pile of them, just down the road. LOL. :rolleyes:

    I will go pick all the stuff from your house on Thursday. I am going to PD to carry some stuff back to to be shipped out for CTL. I will stop by the mill and pick up the maps and meet with Doug. He can't go with me this weekend, but he said it looks good for next weekend. I plan to head to Half Moon lake and check it out and the Old River. If time allows, I will be going south out of Leavy place to the slough Doug told me about and cheching out his duck pound. I will start making sets this weekend, so all I have to do is put the traps in place come the 28th.

    I am going to try to go by the Kimball beaver pound on Sunday evening and other Anthony property. I am putting the deer rifle up. Also, I have a lead on a large freezer. I have found the poles for the beaver skining table I am going to make. I hope to have it down this week. Catch you later.