Brunton L3 headlamp

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Catfish Killer, Nov 15, 2006.

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    Has anyone used the Brunton L3 headlamp yet. I hear it is very bright and has very long lasting battery life. Although it is a compact model its lage for one. I am worried it may feel a little bulky, and may get uncomfortable on those long walks. 3 watts is very powerful for a head lamp that size. Its price is ridiculous at $110.00, but I never seam to have enough light from the small light weight headlamps. I think this one will deliver.
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    I’m know Brunton makes a good product, but I would be skeptical about some of their claims. They take the same LED (Luxeon 3watt) that many other manufacturers use, claim theirs is brighter while at the same time claiming better battery life. There are differences in efficiency in the regulation circuits between designs, but that generally accounts for a small fraction of the total power drain.

    What the Brunton does have going for it is that big C cell external battery pack. A C cell alkaline stores about 3 times as much energy as a AA battery, and 7 times as much as a AAA battery. The trade off is that you have a big battery pack hanging off your belt. Even with C cells, it won’t run 207 hours (their runtime claim) on the high setting. If it truly puts out 3 watts, then 15 hours would be optimistic, and 10 would be more realistic. Of course it will run longer on the lower output settings.

    I would say that it’s a good light if you can tolerate the price and the size / weight of the external battery pack. There are much cheaper “3 watt” options that run off AA batteries for 3-4 hours on the bright setting, longer on the lower setting, and you can always carry a set of spares.

    I don’t mean to come across so negative. Back in 2000, I purchased the brightest led light on the market at the time, a $160 headlamp. I still use it for reading, but for fishing / hiking it is far surpassed by the $16 headlamp I now use. I don’t regret the purchase, it has served me many hundreds if not thousands of hours. Just beware that the technology continues to evolve and improve.