Browns Bait Re-opening !!!!!

Discussion in 'LOCAL KANSAS TALK' started by KC Jayhawk 78, Mar 1, 2006.

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    Kansas City, Ks
    I was driving down Dennis tonight to go to Olathe Lake. I looked over my shoulder at Browns just thinking what a shame it was that the only place in Johnson County that sells minnows has been closed for almost 2 years, then I hit the brakes on the ole Crown Vic when I saw that the sign on the door said OPEN and the front door was open. I turned around and went back , knocked on the door and a fella said come in. He said they werent opened yet , but they would be the first week in March. It turns out he is one of the Browns sons. He is taking over the business. His mother is staying retired. I told him what a relief it was, and that I was really tired of driving all the way to KCKS to get my minnows , when Browns is on the way to Olathe Lake. He told me to tell everyone and let it be known. I saw pics of Geoff in there taped to the glass case. It was 3 or 4 other camera angle shots of Geoff's notorious flathead that he caught out of Waterworks. The guy even knew your name Geoff. I became really excited about the prospects of this seasons crappie fishing at Olathe Lake , now that Browns is back in business. I hope this helps everyone that fishes in Johnson County. If you do fish in JO CO , please stop in Browns and get some bait , so we can support the Brown family and ensure that this bait shop wont close again. Ill be getting my minnows exclusively from Browns. :grin-big:
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    Cool, thats good news. There is one other place to get minnows in Johnson County, a convenience store at 83rd and Metcalf, but it's still nowhere close to Olathe Lake.

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    Keith, Thats good news for sure! I'm not 100% sure but I think her son's name is Mike? I used to know him real well. I would always shoot the bull with him. Also her grandson, pretty sure his hame is Kevin? I would shoot the BS with him too. I still miss the converstations I used to have with Mr. Brown. One time I went in there with a friend of mine and Mr. Brown had him pick up a cane. Once he had it is his hand he told him it was made from a bull's pecker. LMAO He dropped that cane so fast. I still laugh thinking of that.
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    great news for you folks around Olathe. Make sure you support the local bait shops as they will be good to you in ways you can never imagine.
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    Hay, what is the address and the phone if you know it. I want to put there information on my website and post it o davescountry. Should help Browns out.
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    Olathe, Kansas
    That's great news about Browns. I had been getting bait there since I was born.
    They had been there a long long time.
    I knew at one point the son was going to take it over but that was before they closed down. I thought it went south.

    I hope he has enough ambition and plans to turn that place around.
    It has never been a great bait shop.
    There is a lot they can do to make it grow but they were not interested I guess.
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    Oh this is GREAT! I was hoping so much that the place would open back up. I never had the privledge of going in myself, but my dad had a couple times, and said that it was a really nice place. I hope that I get the opportunity to get down there sometime this spring break or summer

    Thanks for the tip Keith :D
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    Your exactly right on the names Geoff. Kevin is the youngest and last time I saw Him he was Wrenchin in a transmission shop. Mike is the elder son. Jerry and Maxine Brown used to run the store. I grew up right down Dennis from there on Sheridan Street. When I was a boy I used to hang out at the bait shop when Mom wouldn't let Me walk to the lake and fish. Glad to hear its opening back up, i'll have to make a special trip over there to buy something from them.