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    I went to my brother-inlaws about 3 weeks ago, I saw that he had gotten some fence and t-post to keep his heathens in.He is'nt much for fix and repair so I thought I would help him out some so I said "would you like to borrow a post pounder" and of course he said "oh yeah." He come by my house the next day and got it and said "I'll bring it right back as soon as I'm done." Now it should have took him about 10 min to drive 6 post and three weeks later I'm going to get it.It's my wifes brother and as soon as I loaned it to him she said "He won't bring it back" I learned a lesson there always listen to the wife:smile2: . I do not like when someone tells me they are going to do something then just blows it off.I have already told my self thats it for him,he better never catch on fire cause I aint gonna put him out. But that is not the way to be either.If only you could pick your in-laws what a wonderful world it would be.

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    Sounds like he just ruined his credit for future projects. LOL!