Brother from the south heading north on the Missouri

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    I wondered if you guys cold help me with a trip I am wanting to plan. Long story short I want to float the Missouri river from Yankton South Dakota to Kansas City. I live in KC. I have the Corp maps but they end at the point the Nav channel ends above South Sioux City. So I am looking for some maps above that point to Yankton. Thanks for whatever help you all can give and stay warm. Also if you have other info that you think would help feel free to pitch it in and I will update when I get the trip set up. Thanks again.
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    Take a look at my blog, I just put up some maps I made using the Iowa Geographic Map Server and you'll find a link to the server and some basic directions on how to use it. They have photo maps from several years as well as 1:24,000 topographic maps. They also have some high resolution maps of northwest Iowa but I haven't used them because I'm on the other end of the state on the Mississippi River in Davenport

    Please don't forget to feed the albino flatheads while you are there.

    If you have any questions post them in this thread and I'll answer them when I get the chance