Brookville stripers?

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    Northern KY
    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has been catching any stripers on Brookville? I am planning on hitting the lake sometime this weekend or later. I have never been to the lake before any tidbits of info would be nice, there is nothing around here sicne the Ohio river has turned in a cappaccino machine:confused2:. I am not sure even how to fish for them in that lake, I will probably end up fishing for cats like normal but would like to catch at least one striper this year. If you see an ugly 19' jon boat with an even uglier guy driving in circles in the middle of the lake, stop and say hi!

  2. skippi2use

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    Just talked to a friend of mine today who said that he had come up and fished for them monday and caught 2. Not over about 5 pounds though. I use to catch a few in here, but about 2-3 years ago we had a major die off in which they covered about the south 1/2 of the lake. All of the wind blown points where covered with them from fairfield to the dam.