Brookville Lake Catfish

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  1. Flootie16

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    Anyone done any catfishing on Brookville Lake? My girlfriend and I are thinking about going camping out there in about two weeks and I was wondering if anyone was catching any. And if so, where at and how? Because I have no idea how to really do well catfishing in a lake. I have always been stricly river. And thank you for any help
  2. riverfishinfool

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    ill tell ya what i have spent a lot of hours on brookville and i havent been impressed. i have caught some channels. the only place in lake that i do any good is in the tailwaters of dam when water is flowing. if your bank fishing, the bridge that crosses lake has rocky bottom and i have caught some channels there. watch going deadline or your gonna lose a lot of rigs.
    if you have a boat and want to try a good resevoir try monroe. i caught the fish in my avatar, its only 18#s but we caught a lot of good flatheads there along with some 10# pound channels. there is a whole section of the lake that is no wake and it has a 20 to 25 ft deep channel that runs all the way through it. with no wake fish arent as affected by boat traffic. also if you like to crappie fish i caught a 1.7#er along with about 25 good keepers fishing in one of the many spots with standing timber