Brood XIV; Cicada Year 2008

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    I wasn’t sure where to post this , on the KY Forum, or the Fly Fishing Forum, or the All Catfishing Forum, etc., but I decided on ‘All Other Fish’ because it’s literally about every fish in the water ( and other states besides KY in 2008) while fishing during a cicada hatch and this locust year is a huge one.. The best fly rod fishing I’ve ever had was on Dale Hollow Lake (its water is clear) in TN back in the 70’s during a cicada hatch. Literally everything, catfish included, was coming to the top of the water to feed on the poppers we were using with our fly rods (the biggest fish caught on that trip was an 18 lb. carp).

    Does anyone have any stratagies on how to take advantage of the cicada emergence? I’m definitely gonna be top water fishing. Probably limblines with baitfish barely under the surface would be extra effective too. Also I’ve thought about using the cicadas themselves if a good way to collect them could be found. I know they will bombard you when tilling or mowing; the vibrations attract them. Anyone have any ideas?

    Brood XIV Distribution (2008):

    Tips for fishing during a cicada hatch (especially for fly rodders; for more info google ‘how to fish during a cicada hatch’ )

    General Info:
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    I did not get to fish during the last cicada hatch here in middle TN. Gathering them should not be a problem, lawn mower and a bug net, or maybe nighttime with a flashlight.